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looks like one of us has to turn away

Input text: 
the 7 feet tall bridge. the ground is sand. the river is under and -50 feet to the left of the bridge. it is facing to the left. the bridge is [wood]. the 1st 6 feet tall [fur] goat is on the bridge. it is facing to the right. it is -7.5 feet to the left of the bridge. the 2nd 6.5 feet tall grey [fur] goat is 4 feet to the right of the 1st goat. it is facing to the 1st goat. the river is shiny. the azimuth of the sun is 60 degrees
watcher570 (2018) 
A complete standoff!
KAWE (2018) 
Or fly over it :-)
nheiges (2018) 
unless the troll under the bridge eats them both :-)
Nanook (2018) 
hmmm! cabrito al pastor suena muy bien :-)
nheiges (2018)