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sand bank

Input text: 
a humongous "c".it is face down.the "c" is 4 feet in the ground.the "c" is sand.the sand is 0.5 feet tall.the ground is water.the water is 10 feet tall.a tiny palm is -10 feet in front of the "c".it is on the ground.the ground is 30% reflective.a turtle is -1 feet in front of the palm.it is facing right.a 10% aqua light is 1 feet above the palm.
Effects: Contrast
KAWE  (2018) 
the place to be (for turtles) :-)
Nanook  (2018) 
nice and a very inventive way to use the alphabet "-)
nheiges  (2018) 
nicely made and lovely scene!
coyne  (2018) 
yes, very clever use of the the letter c!
KAWE  (2018) 
watcher570  (2018) 
Nanook  (2018) 
congrats :-)
hedgehog1965  (2018) 
Well done on the win!
watcher570  (2018) 
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