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her 2nd least favorite holiday

Input text: 
a 1st 5 foot tall border collie. a 1.6 foot wide headset is -.8 foot above and -2 foot in front of the dog.it faces back. ground is matte. it is night. camera light is beige. a 1st large [flag] weeping willow is 10 feet above and 300 feet behind and 10 feet right of the dog. it leans 90 degrees to the front. sky is black. a 2nd large [flag] weeping willow faces right. it leans 90 degrees to the right. it is 20 feet left of and -70 feet above the 1st weeping willow. a huge window is behind the dog. a huge light is -40 feet above and in front of the 1st tree. ground is [grass].
Sharpen, Sharpen, Saturation, Saturation, Saturation, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
It'll be the UK's turn on Nov 5th...
watcher570 (2018) 
Nanook (2018) 
Let me guess, the other one would be New Years eve I presume. My dog hated fireworks.
nheiges (2018) 
I can't help commenting every time . . . she suffers so much. And the older I get, the more I do too!
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