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Car designer on promotional tour

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a 100 inch tall wheel.the wheel is 97 inch tall [beetle].a 100 inch tall car is on the ground.the wheel is above the car.the car is 100 inch wide [artwork].sky is 6000 inch wide [paper].ground is clear.a 70 inch tall and 140 inch wide and 20 inch deep man is -85 inch above the car.the man is facing north.the man is -70 inch left of the car.the man is -120 inch in front of the car.a 30 inch tall spray can is -49 inch above the man.the spray can is -50 inch left of the man.the spray can is -55 inch in front of the man.the wheel of the car is [artwork].
Contrast, Saturation, Sharpen
zamchick (2018) 
Cool :-)
Nanook (2018) 
I thought I left a comment here but I must have not hit submit...anyway, ditto with a 'very' in front of it :-)
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