time to die...

Input text: Camera light is pink. There is a huge 20% reflective [image-11966] skeleton. The skeleton's nose is 20% reflective white. Two 50 foot tall silver city blocks are 40 feet behind the skeleton. The city blocks are facing down. The huge 20% reflective [image-11978] gun is 1.9 foot to the left of the skeleton's skull. The gun is facing the skeleton's skull. The very large pink optical device is -28.1 inches in front of the skeleton's eyeball. The optical device's lens is shiny black. The 2.2 foot tall [image-11966] tree is -1 inch to the right of the skeleton's skull. The tree is facing down. The tree is 22.1 feet above the ground. A cube is 60 feet in front of the skeleton. A small white light is 1 feet behind the cube. The ground is [multi colored]. The sky is [multi colored].
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nheiges  (2018) 
gentle  (2018) 
Very cool, but if you're having suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. Nice one other than that!
boneybird  (2018) 
Great scene
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