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Experience horse reading... for the third time! Join the reading horse in his new adventure. Just what strange new things could he find out about?

Join reading horse as he learns about synonyms, punctuation marks, paragraphs, capitalization, and more. For ages 8-99.

BONUS: this very special deluxe edition of HORSE READING: 3RD GRADE includes 15 different math puzzles that will delight and educate you, as well as a demo edition of HORSE READING: 4TH GRADE.


Input text: 
500 foot tall and 500 foot wide globe. Globe is 500 foot deep. Large horse 3310 feet to the north of globe. Horse is facing globe. 10 foot wide and 40 foot deep shiny rainbow square below horse. there is a bright green "*" 1 foot above horse leaning 90 degrees to the west. 22 foot tall book 50 feet to the southwest of horse is facing up. Book is 0 feet above ground. 20 foot long feather is 10 feet to the north of book. Feather is leaning 45 degrees to the south. Feather is 1 foot to the north of book. 20 foot tall red book -0 foot above and -18 foot to the south of book is facing up. 20 foot tall book 0 foot above and -17 foot to the north of book is facing down. Book is blue. 15 foot tall armchair on top of book. Very large bright green "?" 4 foot above armchair is facing north. 800 foot tall bookcase 900 foot to the west of globe is facing north. 10 foot tall horse 70 feet in front of horse. 8 foot tall horse 70 feet in front of horse. Ground is 10 foot wide brick. Sky is cloud. Camera light is white.
nheiges (2018) 
amazing scene! I love how the first horse is beyond the edge of the world.
Nanook (2018) 
an interesting read and scene :-)
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