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Baking Day

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a big shiny [metal] bowl is on a counter. a 1st .35 foot tall lemon lemon is right of the bowl. it leans 90 degrees to the back. a 2nd .34 foot tall lemon lemon is behind the lemon. a 1st .7 foot tall and .7 foot wide white cylinder is behind the bowl. a 2nd .1 foot tall and .6 foot wide goldenrod cylinder is on the cylinder. a [metal] oven faces right. it is 4 foot left of and -2 foot above the counter. a big glass casserole dish is in front of and .1 foot beneath the bowl. it faces right. a very big [wood] house faces right. it is -8 feet above the counter. ground is grass. a large [Cowboy] cow faces right. it is 20 feet left of and 12 feet in front of the oven. a sienna light is above the cow. a lemon light is 1 foot above the bowl. it is left of the 1st lemon. 1st beige egg is right of the casserole dish. 2nd beige egg is behind 1st egg. it faces southwest. 3rd beige egg is right of the eggs.
Nanook (2018) 
mmmmm, whats on the dessert menu?
nheiges (2018) 
Lemon drizzle cake :-)
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