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Input text: Couch is in front of first big wall. Wall is moss green. Ground is unreflective [carpet]. Painting is 0.6 foot above couch and 0.1 inch in front of wall. 3 foot tall chair is 2 feet left of couch. Chair is facing southeast. 4.5 foot tall Alien is -2 foot above couch and -4.6 foot to left. Alien is -1.4 foot to front. Alien is facing up. Alien is facing left. Alien is leaning 25 degrees to left. Big skull is -12 inch above chair. Tiny cube is 12 feet right of skull and 4 feet to front. Skull is facing cube. Clipboard is 2 inch in front of skull's tooth and 2 inch to right. Clipboard is facing southwest. Clipboard is leaning 45 degrees to south. 1.1 foot deep rectangle is -13.9 inch above clipboard's clip and -17 inches to left. Rectangle is 1.1 foot long. Rectangle is facing southwest. Rectangle is 1.2 foot wide [laugh]. Rectangle is leaning 45 degrees to south. 2.5 foot tall grey table is -3 inch right of chair and -4 inch in front of wall. potted plant is -1 inch above table. 2.5 foot tall grey window is behind skull. Window is 3 feet above ground. Small cream curtain is -1 inch in front of window. Lemon light is 1 foot in front of cabinet. Camera light is cream.
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watcher570  (2018) 
nheiges  (2018) 
This made me laugh! :-)
tane69  (2018) 
Glad you liked
Nanook  (2018) 
...and how long have you had these troubling dreams of landing on a strange planet where the inhabitants have orange faces and orange fur on their heads with a long red thing hanging over halfway down their front side?
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