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Input text: Ground is silver. White head is 1000 feet above ground. 0.7 foot tall gold brain is -8 inches in front of head and 1000.95 feet above ground. Small white angel is -0.3 foot right of brain. Angel is facing brain. Angel is leaning 30 degrees to front. Angel is 1000.9 feet above ground. Second small white angel is -0.3 foot left of brain. Second angel is facing brain. Second angel is leaning 30 degrees to front. Gold mouth is -1 inch in front of head and 1000.4 feet above ground. Mouth is -5.7 inch to right. Gold sun symbol is 1 foot behind brain and 999 feet above ground. Sun symbol is -1 foot to left. First white hand is -1 inch right of head. Second white hand is 1 inch left of head and 999.9 feet above ground.
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