night forest

Input text: It is night. Camera light is black. Ambient light is grey. Ground is 5 foot wide grass. A 5 foot tall transparent lavender first crystal. Teal light is 5 feet in front of crystal and 5 feet above ground. . Woman is 5 inches behind crystal and -2.2 foot to right. Small first tree is -3 foot left of crystal and -5 foot to back. Tree is 4 inch in ground. Small second tree is -1 feet right of crystal and 2 feet to back. third tree is -8 feet left of second tree and 5 feet to back. A 3 foot tall second transparent lavender crystal is -1.2 foot left of first crystal and -4 foot to back.A 3 foot tall third transparent lavender crystal is 0.2 foot right of first crystal and -2 foot to back. Mauve light is 3 feet in front of woman.
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coyne  (2018) 
Nice sense of atmosphere.
nheiges  (2018) 
What coyne said!
Nanook  (2018) 
wonderful use of light !!
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