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the cell

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A huge clear first sphere is 2000 foot above ground. Shiny lavender second sphere is 2.5 foot in first sphere. The first small shiny orange rope is 2 inch behind second sphere. First rope is facing up. Second small shiny orange rope is -35 inch above first rope. Second rope is facing down. 1 foot tall shiny peach tornado is 1 inch behind second sphere and -8 inch to left. Tornado is leaning 145 degrees to right. Tornado is -20 inches above second sphere. Ambient light is white. First giant shiny delft blue olive is 2 inches above second sphere and -4 inches to left. Second giant shiny tangerine orange olive is -10 inch above first olive and 1 inch to left. Third giant shiny chartreuse olive is -11 inch above second olive and -2.5 inch to left. Huge shiny gold fortune cookie is 1 inch right of second sphere. Fortune cookie is leaning 75 degrees to left. Ten clear huge spheres are 10 feet behind first sphere and 2000 feet above ground. The first giant gold DNA is -5 inch behind first sphere and 2003.9 feet above ground. first DNA is -2.6 foot to right. Second giant gold DNA is -5 inch behind first sphere and 1997 feet above ground. second DNA is -2.6 foot to right. Very giant shiny white sun symbol is 20 feet behind first sphere. Sun symbol is 1990 feet above ground and -9.5 feet to left.
##HD #totwComplexity 
KAWE (2018) 
nice elements in your cell
nheiges (2018) 
boneybird (2018) 
Very nicely done
Nanook (2018) 
On A Cellular Level

one cell to another well done :-)
coyne (2018) 
cool scene!
KAWE (2018) 
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
Well done!
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