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a shiny structure.it is leaning 90 degrees to the west.a 30 feet tall man is -15 feet in front of the structure.he is facing northwest.the structure is [field].the [field] is 50 feet tall.shiny ground.a 1st 10 feet tall die is 10 feet behind the man.it is left of the man.a 2nd 10 feet tall die is 6 feet left of the 1st die.it is upside down.the 2nd die is facing southwest.a 2nd 30 feet tall man is behind the 2nd die.he is -100 inches left of the 2nd die.the 2nd man is facing southeast.
nheiges (2018) 
Looks a little Escher-esque :-)
KAWE (2018) 
take a new die :-)
hedgehog1965 (2018) 

I found it...
watcher570 (2018) 
Nanook (2018) 
looking for boxcars?
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
KAWE (2018) 
watcher570 (2018) 
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