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"I wonder who that tall drink of water is"?
My dear, you've set your gaze upon the quintessential frontier type. Note the lean silhouette... eyes closed by the sun, though sharp as a hawk. He's got the look of both predator and prey.

Input text: 
a large squirrel is -2.08 feet above a large [peacock] chicken. it leans back.it faces southwest. the chicken faces southwest. a wood stagecoach is 10 feet in front of and 3 feet left of the chicken.it is on the ground.the seat of the stagecoach is black. a 4 feet tall woman is 1 feet right of the stagecoach. she faces the chicken. a 3 feet tall [lace] artichoke is -4.4 feet above the woman. a 1.2 feet tall [lace] cupcake is -1.8 feet above and -1.6 feet behind and -1.42 feet left of the woman.a .5 feet tall [lace] hat is -.43 feet above and -1.17 feet behind the woman.it faces the chicken. a saloon is 6 feet left of the chicken.it faces right.a small black hat is -.53 feet above and -1.23 feet left of and -1.23 feet in front of the squirrel.it faces southwest.a small gun is -1.4 feet left of and -1.5 feet above and -.9 feet in front of the squirrel. it faces southwest.it leans to the front.the barrel of the gun is silver. a hotel is 13 feet behind the chicken. a 4.8 feet tall man is -4.5 feet right of and -13.5 feet above and -10 feet to the front of the saloon.he faces the woman.
##HD #totwMovieLines 
Brightness, Contrast, Cracked paint, Brightness, Sharpen
nheiges (2018) 
Love that dress! And the inclusion of Chicken & Squirrel is a nice touch :-)
Nanook (2018) 
thanks :-)
coyne (2018) 
nice to see the chicken and squirrel again :-)
boneybird (2018) 
Missed them
Nanook (2018) 
thanks y'all, I have to admit I missed them too :-)
watcher570 (2018) 
very nice!
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