The Ghost in the Machine

Input text: A 50% dark [scottish] machine is in front of a image-12169 wall. A large very tall jar is on the machine. An accordion is -4 inch right of the machine. It is leaning right. The sky is [track]. The ground is 3 foot wide [mud]. Camera light is cream. A [plaid] bagpipe is -1 foot above and -2 feet right of the machine. A bellows is -6 inch right of and -1.2 foot above the accordion. It is facing east. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. A large ceiling fan is in front of and -4 feet above the machine. It is leaning 90 degrees to the back. The altitude of the sun is 60 degrees.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD  #totwMachines 
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Effects: Swirl, Saturation, Illustration
Attributions: Getty Images
KAWE  (2018) 
great scottish impression
nheiges  (2018) 
f├Čor mhath!
watcher570  (2018) 
Och aye !
Nanook  (2018) 
hedgehog1965  (2018) 
Thanks the noo!
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