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A coconut. Coconut is on big white table. Coconut is -14 inch to front. Coconut is shiny purple. 0.55 foot tall fetus is 5 inches in coconut and -5.5 inches to front. Fetus is -4.7 inch to right. 0.7 foot tall flower is -1 inch right of coconut and -6 inch to front. Flower is facing down. Tiny transparent cube is 2 foot in front of flower and 1.2 foot to left. Flower is facing cube. 0.5 foot tall shiny brown compass is -7.5 inch in front of coconut and -4 inch to left. Compass is facing up. Compass is -0.2 inch above table. Tiny transparent sphere is 2 foot in front of compass and 2 foot to right. Compass is facing sphere. The shiny tiny common ivy is -4 inch above fetus. The 0.6 foot tall shiny brown wind chime is -14 inch below common ivy. First 10 foot tall white pillar is 10 foot behind table and 6 foot to left. Pillar is facing northeast. Pillar is 1 foot in ground. Second 10 foot tall white pillar is 13 foot behind table and -1.5 foot to right.Pillar is 1 foot in ground. Pillar is facing southwest. Very huge [marble] circle is below table and 2.2 feet to back. Circle is -5.8 feet to left. Ground is shiny 50 foot wide water. White 22 foot long jungle gym is -5 foot behind pillar and -5 feet to left. Jungle gym is facing up. Jungle gym is leaning 90 degrees to left. Tiny lavender light is above fetus. Tiny delft blue light is above fetus and 1 inch to left. Camera light is dim linen.
nheiges (2018) 
Nanook (2018) 
perfectly measured and I have to say you are coming on strong!!!
KAWE (2018) 
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