Double life

Input text: a 1st 100 inch tall and 10 inch deep and 100 inch wide delft blue head is facing west.a 2nd 100 inch tall and 10 inch deep and 80 inch wide red head is 6 inch left of the 1st head.the 2nd head is facing northeast.ground is shiny 40% dim gainsboro.a 95 inch tall red pencil is 25 inch right of the 1st head.the pencil is upside down.a 45 inch tall delft blue colt pistol is -30 inch left of the 2nd head.the colt pistol is facing east.the colt pistol leans 90 degrees to back.
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
nheiges  (12/5/2018) 
Guy de Maupassant and his doppelganger? (I was just reading about that)
KAWE  (12/5/2018) 
That's a good association
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