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Ye olde technology

Input text: 
a shiny [abstract] cactus.the cactus is 100 feet deep.the cactus is 40 feet wide.the cactus is 60 feet tall.a alien is -40 feet in front of the cactus.a shiny space station is -60 feet above the cactus.the space station is face up.a 5 feet tall machine is 2 feet in front of the alien.the ground is sand.the sand is 2 feet tall.black sun.a bucket is right of the machine.a blue light is -12 inches above the bucket.a rust light is 1 feet right of the alien.
nheiges (2018) 
Nanook (2018) 
nice one, we may all be subjected to ye old technology if the infrastructure grids get attacked.
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