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a barn.the barn's wall is shiny picture.a witch is -15 feet behind the barn.a flat wall is 10 feet right of the witch.the wall is [horror].the wall is facing the witch.the wall is behind the witch.the witch is facing southwest.the barn's roof is shiny picture.the grim reaper is 1 feet in front of the witch.he is facing the witch.shiny black ground.a giant frog is 15 feet right of the witch.it is facing the witch.the frog is -4 inches in front of the witch.a green light is 6 feet above the witch.a small black cauldron is left of the witch.a apple pie is -5 inches above the cauldron.a foot is behind the grim reaper.it is facing left.a shiny clock is in front of the wall.it is facing southwest.the clock is -2 inches left of the wall.a 6 feet tall lightning bolt is -6 inches in front of the grim reaper.it is -15 inches above the grim reaper.
KAWE (2018) 
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