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Time to put the quilt on the bed!
To use the quilt scene, I first made it a backdrop and then changed the text, keeping [scene]. Is there an easier way to use a scene as a texture?

Input text: 
The sienna backdrop. A bed. The bed's blanket is 2 foot wide [scene]. its pillow is white. a 2 foot deep and 3 foot wide nightstand is left of and -2 feet behind the bed. a lamp is on and -2 foot left of the nightstand. a gold light is -1.4 foot above and -.3 foot right of the lamp. a book is -.5 foot right of the lamp. it faces the bed. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a 2 foot tall dog is -2.8 feet above and -1 foot in front of and -3.5 feet right of the bed. camera light is dim. a sienna light is in front of the dog.
Contrast, Saturation
Other object credits:
Scene credits:
coyne (2018) 
Nice scene!

As for using scenes as textures...you can specify via a hashtag that has been assigned to it. And then choose the particular one you want in the Objects chooser. So if that scene had the #quilt hashtag assigned to it, then you should be able to say "the bed's blanket is a two foot wide quilt texture." Or "...[xyz] texture" if the hashtag (e.g. xyz) is not a noun known by the system.

The criteria for specifying scenes in this manner can be loosened (e.g. to include text from the title), but that's how it currently works.
nheiges (2018) 
Thanks for explaining!
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