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The Dog's Bedroom

Input text: 
a sienna backdrop. The [scene] painting is .5 foot above and -.2 foot behind a bed. the bed's blanket is quilt. its pillow is white. a 2 foot deep and 3 foot wide nightstand is left of and -2 feet behind the bed. a lamp is on and -2 foot left of the nightstand. a gold light is -1.4 foot above and -.3 foot right of the lamp. a book is -.5 foot right of the lamp. it faces the bed. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a 2 foot tall dog is -2.8 feet above and -1 foot in front of and -3.5 feet right of the bed. camera light is dim. a sienna light is in front of the dog.
Contrast, Saturation
Other object credits:
coyne (2018) 
Ah, recursion! :-)
nheiges (2018) 
It was tempting to go full Morton Salt :-)
nheiges (2018) 
Okay, I could have sworn that Morton Salt once had an infinitely recursive image but I can't find it . . . so maybe I made that up??
coyne (2018) 
I think you were right originally. It's apparently called "the Droste effect", and the image on the Morton salt packaging does depict a much reduced image of the container within itself.


And here's another mention of Morton Salt doing it along with Cracker Jacks and Land O'Lakes.

nheiges (2018) 
Thanks a lot! I'd never heard the term the Droste effect.
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