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Input text: THE WHITE BACKDROP. a 1st wall. a floor is in front of it. a 2nd wall is -1 foot to the left of and in front of the 1st wall. it faces left. a 3rd wall is in front of the floor. The bed is on the floor in front of the 1st wall. The bed's blanket is 2 foot wide [scene]. its pillow is white. a 2 foot deep and 3 foot wide nightstand is left of and -2 feet behind the bed. a lamp is on and -2 foot left of the nightstand. a gold light is -1.4 foot above and -.3 foot right of the lamp. a book is -.5 foot right of the lamp. it faces the bed. it leans 90 degrees to the front.
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Attributions: Time to put... by nheiges and , A Quilt For... by nheiges
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