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Vignette — Keywords: bar,restaurant

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THE WHITE BACKDROP. a 1st wood wall. a 2nd 300 inch wide and 80 inch tall [steel] wall is 150 inch in front of the 1st wall.a 350 inch wide and 120 inch deep [steel] plank is on the 2nd wall. a 1st 60 inch tall chili red bar stool is -40 inch left of and 5 inch in front of the 2nd wall. a 2nd 60 inch tall blue bar stool is 20 inch right of the 1st bar stool. a 40 inch tall cup is -175 inch left of and -65 inch behind the plank.the cup is facing right. a 70 inch tall silver tap is 20 inch right of the cup. a 40 inch tall green yellow beer mug is 40 inch right of and 2 inch in front of the cup. a 70 inch tall green yellow bottle is 35 inch right of the beer mug. a 45 inch tall green yellow martini glass is 10 inch left of the bottle.a 100 inch tall wood pool table is 50 inch in front of and -50 inch right of the 2nd bar stool.the felt of the pool table is green.
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