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Trouble for the Foyal Ramily
The Bedpost Queen, Suicide King, and One Eyed Jack, meet the Death Card.

Input text: the sword is in the huge king of hearts. the ground is fire. the blade of the sword is shiny. the huge queen of spades is to the left of the king of hearts. the 5.9 inch tall bed is on the queen of spades. the huge jack of spades is to the right of the king. the 1 foot tall pirate is on top of the jack of spades. the huge ace of spades is in front of the king of hearts. the 1 foot tall death is on top of the ace of spades. it is facing the sword. the sky has a starfield texture.
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coyne  (5 years ago) 
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
very! I like how little language was needed to get the idea across :-)
rws  (5 years ago) 
The only negative thing is the concept that the Ace of Spades is released under the General Public LIcense.
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
I don't know what that you mean no one has the rights to use the card?
coyne  (5 years ago) 
it means everyone has the rights to use the image for the card. it's the same public domain license linux is released under.

you can find out more at
rws  (5 years ago) 
yes, I know what it means. I believe I may even have been the one who found those cards.
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