Bath time mess!

Input text: a backdrop.a toy is in front of the is facing south east.a 1st puddle is -30 inches right of the toy.a man is 1 feet left of the bath.he is in front of the toy.the man is facing southwest.a 2nd puddle is -55 inches in front of the man.a toilet is 2 feet left of the is behind the bath.a dresser is 6 feet left of the is facing right.a 10 inch tall cartoon character is right of the 1st is face up.the dresser is in front of the bath.a sink is 2 feet behind the is facing right.
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Effects: Contrast
Attributions: Getty Images, puddle by jarble and , puddle by jarble
nheiges  (11/21/2018) 
Excellent scene!
KAWE  (11/22/2018) 
yes indeed
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