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cyber angel

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A white angel. First light green window is -1 foot behind angel and 1.5 inch in ground. Second purple window is -1.2 foot behind angel and 3.5 feet above ground. Second window is upside down. The 8 foot tall silver waffle is 50 feet behind angel. Waffle is facing up. Ground is silver. Sky is 5000 foot wide [texture]. 1.5 foot wide and 10 foot tall wall is 1.5 foot left of first window. Wall is 0.1 inch deep. Wall is 3 foot wide [p1]. Ambient light is hot pink. A 3 foot tall and 2 foot wide shiny black pillar is 0.5 foot right of first window. 1.7 foot tall 20% reflective globe is 0.5 foot above pillar. Globe is facing north. Big shiny black hand is -0.5 feet above globe. Hand is upside down. Hand is -1 inch in front of globe.
watcher570 (2018) 
boneybird (2018) 
cool composition of objects
nheiges (2018) 
wow, very nice!
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