La Sainte Cortisane

Input text: Wilde backdrop. Wilde sky. Wilde ground. The ground is 50% dark. A silver crucifix is in front of a 75% dark Wilde cave. Camera light is black. The sun is pink. The azimuth of the sun is 240 degrees. Ambient light is black. A light is 2 feet behind and -2 feet above the crucifix. A woman is 20 feet left of and 10 feet in front of the crucifix. The clothes of the woman is purple. The hair of the woman is gold. A unicorn is -10 inch behind the crucifix. It is facing southwest. The cave is -3 inch above the ground. A 9 feet tall bush is behind and left of the cave. A large bush is -3 foot left of and in front of the bush. It is facing east.
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Nanook  (11/29/2018) 
KAWE  (11/29/2018) 
yes really beautiful
nheiges  (11/29/2018) 
very nice
hedgehog1965  (11/29/2018) 
Thank you!
watcher570  (11/30/2018) 
Hedgehog you need to spell theatre as theater otherwise it will not show in the totw :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/30/2018) 
Thanks watcher :-)
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