The Flock on the Loch

Input text: a gigantic lake is 100 foot wide water. 3 6 foot tall bagpipes are on the lake. the bagpipes face northeast. the bagpipes lean 90 degrees to the right. a black dinosaur is -16 feet in front of the bagpipes. it faces east. it is 3.5 feet in the ground. backdrop is dark mountain.
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Attributions: Its Favorite Painting 2 by nheiges
KAWE  (7 days ago) 
nice monster bagpipes :-)
hedgehog1965  (7 days ago) 
Looks like their skirl has woken Nessie
nheiges  (7 days ago) 
"a shrill, wailing sound, especially that of bagpipes" - thanks for the new word :-)
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