Shadow worker

Input text: The [room] backdrop. a small boy faces back. a small ladder is 1 foot right of the boy. it faces right. a small white bucket is in front of the ladder. the shadow plane.
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Effects: Talk Balloon
Attributions: Getty Images, Backstage by nheiges
coyne  (6 days ago) 
New feature: If you use a backdrop and mention "the shadow plane" then any shadows cast on the (invisible) 3D ground will be superimposed on the 2D backdrop instead. This can help give the illusion of being part of the backdrop rather than just superimposed on top of it.
nheiges  (6 days ago) 
Neat! Thank you!
watcher570  (6 days ago) 
nice one thanks
Nanook  (6 days ago) 
sounds great, hopefully I can catch up and utilize this newest feature too! :-Z
hedgehog1965  (5 days ago) 
lespaulguy  (5 days ago) 
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