In the rain, on the plane
trying out the shadow plane :-)

Input text: a street backdrop. a man faces back. a large black umbrella is -3.2 foot right of and -3.1 foot behind and -1.6 foot above the man. a woman is right of the man. she faces back. her hair is black. the shadow plane. sun's azimuth is 336 degrees.
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Effects: Cracked paint
watcher570  (5 days ago) 
looking good :-)
coyne  (5 days ago) 
KAWE  (5 days ago) 
Let the shadows run

nheiges  (5 days ago) 
A much more interesting version, @KAWE :-) What caused that horizontal line to appear, though?
KAWE  (5 days ago) 
hmm, don't know for the moment
KAWE  (5 days ago) 
the horizontal line seems to be from the altitude of the sun
nheiges  (5 days ago) 
coyne  (5 days ago) 
yeah, the horiz line is probably where the invisible shadow plane (used to collect shadows) isn't reflecting any light at the horizon due to the extreme sun position. So it gets treated the same as an actual shadow.
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