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An Unforgettable Encounter
Thinking of you, @Nanook!

Input text: 
forest backdrop. a 1st large [peacock] squirrel. a 1st small [hair] chicken is -.9 feet above the squirrel. the chicken is sienna. it leans back. Camera light is beige. a 2nd [peacock] chicken is in front of the squirrel. it faces the squirrel. a 2nd squirrel is -1.1 foot above the chicken. it faces back. it leans back. the shadow plane. it is noon. a big linen light is 20 feet right of the 1st squirrel.
Scene credits:
lespaulguy (2018) 
watcher570 (2018) 
nice :-)
Nanook (2018) 
Thanks for the thoughts......they are of one family :-)
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