Eye of the old city

Input text: a 1st 130 inch tall silver donut.the 1st donut leans 40 degrees to west.a 2nd 120 inch tall silver donut is -400 inch right of the 1st donut.the 2nd donut leans 50 degrees to southeast.sky is shiny .ground is 1200 feet tall.ground is delft blue.a 180 inch tall eye is -270 inch above the 2nd donut.the eye is -190 inch in front of the 2nd eye.the eye is facing northeast.the eye is -350 inch left of the 2nd donut.
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Effects: Saturation, Sharpen
nheiges  (12/6/2018) 
coyne  (12/6/2018) 
very nice!
hedgehog1965  (12/6/2018) 
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