Visitors From Afar

Input text:  a [water] backdrop. a person. a very tiny red boat is -.2 foot beneath and 1 foot left of and 2.4 foot in front of the person. the boat faces left. the boat leans 10 degrees to the front. a small boy is 7 foot in front of and left of and -2 foot above the person. the boy faces southeast. he leans to the left.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Cracked paint
KAWE  (12/11/2018) 
very nice
watcher570  (12/11/2018) 
lespaulguy  (12/11/2018) 
nicely situated :-)
Nanook  (12/11/2018) 
nice scene, looks like Gulliver doesn't have to travel this time :-)
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