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plugged in

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A big shiny lavender skull is 1 foot above the ground. Big shiny dark gray plug is -1.4 inch right of skull. Plug is facing right. Plug is facing down. Plug is 22 inches above ground. Big transparent cyan sphere is -1.4 inch right of plug and 14 inches above ground. Hot dog is 1.2 foot in sphere. White light is in front of hot dog. Cyan light is 1 foot right of skull. 2.3 foot wide shiny delft blue space station is -1 inch behind hot dog and 12 inches above ground. Space station is -18.75 inches to right. Small shiny dark gray rope is 1 inch in space station. Rope is facing up. Rope is leaning 90 degrees to west. Small shiny dark gray xi is -4 inch in front of skull and 29.5 inch above ground. Xi is -12 inch to left. Huge lemon chiffon lightbulb is -1 inch above xi. Lightbulb's thread is gold. 3.2 inch tall shiny flesh brain is 5.3 inches in lightbulb. bright White light is in front of brain. 0.1 inch tall transparent cube is 2 foot in front of brain and 0.8 foot to left. Brain is facing cube. orange light is behind brain. Ground is 10 foot wide [grid1]. 16 inch wide gold sun symbol is 1 inch behind lightbulb. Sun symbol is -6 inch above lightbulb and -13.9 inch to right.
##HD #totwenergy 
KAWE (2018) 
nheiges (2018) 
voidofcourse (2018) 
Hey, how did you get the grid? I tried copying “Ground is 10 foot wide [grid1].” On a new scene, but it didn’t work. Maybe I should just replace stuff from your scene to use in my scene so I can use the grid, idk...
tane69 (2018) 
@voidofcourse I uploaded the pattern from my computer, so I don't think it'll let you use it unless you edit my scene
voidofcourse (2018) 
@tane69 ah, I see, thanks! I’m still learning how this all works
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