Input text: the red fan is behind and -4.5 feet to the right of the very tiny [marble] white house. it is 7 feet high. it is upside down. it is facing back. it is 3 feet in the ground. the cord of the fan is black. the enormous [pattern] wall is 6 feet behind the house. the ground is tile. the very huge hydrangea blue outlet is 6 feet to the right and 3 feet behind the house. it is 3 feet above the ground. the tan light is 5 feet above and 4 feet to the left of the house. the ambient light is black. the azure blue light is 3 feet in front of the tan light. the sun is black.
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nheiges  (12/21/2018) 
haha - good one :-)
hedgehog1965  (12/21/2018) 
If only it was that easy :-)
boneybird  (12/22/2018) 
I’m a fan of simplicity too
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