Input text: a 110 inch tall flat shiny lavender sphere.the sphere is 130 inch wide [kawe59].sky is black.ground is clear.a 100 inch tall shiny gray baby is -100 inch above the sphere.a 40% dim blue light is 100 inch above the baby.the baby is -35 inch in front of the sphere.a baby blue light is 5 inch in front of the baby.a blue light is 5 inch right of and -20 inch above the baby.a green light is 50 inch left of the baby.a green yellow light is 100 inch in front of the sphere.
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Effects: Sharpen, Hue, Cracked paint, Contrast, Hue
boneybird  (12/25/2018) 
New (stranger) things for the new year
KAWE  (12/25/2018) 
hopefully not
watcher570  (12/26/2018) 
very cool!
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