Urinal for white/orange men-HNY II

Input text: a 1500 inch wide and 1200 inch tall wall.the wall is 500 inch wide [tile].a 1200 inch tall and 1500 inch wide gray head is in front of the wall.a 700 inch tall urinal is in front of the head.the urinal is -950 inch above the head.a 400 inch tall trump is in front of the urinal.the trump is -620 inch above the urinal.a 150 inch tall [TR] "20" is in front of the head.the "20" leans 20 degrees to left.the "20" is -870 inch above the urinal.the "20" is -800 inch left of the head.a 150 inch tall [TR1] "18" is -35 inch right of the "20". the "18" leans 35 degrees to right.the "18" is -840 inch above the urinal.
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): head donald-trump head
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