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Vignette Rendering Bug
This vignette loses its color when I try to use it in a scene.

Input text: 
There is a 1 foot tall fire.
Scene credits: ,
fire (Vignette)
coyne (2019) 
thanks for reporting this...will look into it.
nheiges (2019) 
I noticed this too with the red tornado vignette. I couldn't even call it red in the scene ("But I ordered a red hat").
coyne (2019) 
@jarble, The fire vignette should work now.

@nheiges, the tornado vignette has a grayish image assigned to it. Those don't tint well since they're so colorless to start with. They would need to be tagged as such so that the saturation could be overridden too (not just the hue). Note that you can make it "solid red" but that will eliminate the brightness variations in the texture..
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