Beneath a Fur Ball Moon

Input text: Black backdrop. A small [fur] sphere. Camera light is black. A dog is right of and -2 feet above the sphere. The sun is 75% lemon. Ground is 20% shiny. 2 blue lights are 2 feet left of and 1 foot above the dog. Sky is [black]. A large cactus is 10 feet behind and 9 feet right of the dog. A coyote is behind the cactus. It is facing the dog.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD 
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Effects: Sharpen, Cracked paint, Color-emboss
Attributions: Getty Images
boneybird  (1/9/2019) 
boneybird  (1/9/2019) 
The Irresistible Force

hedgehog1965  (1/9/2019) 
Thanks - like the reply; we've got a dog now, but I grew up with cats :-)
boneybird  (1/9/2019) 
cats and balls of yarn, like coffee and cigarettes
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