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A book is leaning 20 degrees to the back. 1.5 foot long shiny lavender dolphin is -4 inch in front of book and 4 inch above ground. 0.2 foot wide white holly is -3.2 inch in front of book and 4.4 inch above ground. Holly is facing up. Holly is leaning 30 degrees to back. Shiny delft blue 0.45 foot tall jellyfish is 1 inch left of dolphin and 5 inch above ground. Shiny tangerine orange 0.45 foot tall jellyfish is 1 inch right of dolphin and 11 inch above ground. Jellyfish is -5 inch to front. Shiny 0.7 foot long fuchsia salmon is -2 inch left of dolphin and 2 inch above ground. salmon is leaning 15 degrees to back. 0.5 foot tall shiny green walrus is -1 inch right of book and -5 inch to back. 0.5 foot long shiny red fish is -2 inch right of dolphin and 6 inch above ground. Fish is -17 inch to front. Fish is leaning 5 degrees to back. 0.8 foot tall matte boy is 6 inch in front of book. Boy is -0.1 inch to right. Tiny transparent cube is 5 feet behind boy and -1.2 foot to right. Boy is facing cube. Ground is 5% reflective 8 foot wide [grid1]. Camera light is black. White light is in front of book. Lilac light is left of book. Lemon light is right of book. Dim gold light is above dolphin. Sun is cyan. 18 foot wide rainbow is 9 foot right of walrus and 16 foot to back. Rainbow is facing walrus. Very tiny yellow "!" is 0.4 inch above boy and -2.3 inches to front. "!" is facing left.
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hedgehog1965 (2019) 
Impressive pop-up book :-)
KAWE (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 
boneybird (2019) 
cool! i like the illumination at the bottom of the jelly fish.
hedgehog1965 (2019) 
KAWE (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 
Nanook (2019) 
congrats on a super scene!
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