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Iroquois Creation Story

Input text: 
a 10 foot tall turtle faces right. it is 5 feet in the ground. ground is clear. sky is 5000 foot wide [water]. a 2 foot tall and 10 foot wide and 10 feet deep [ground] island is -.5 foot above and -22 feet to the right of the turtle. a 3 foot tall palm tree is -1.2 foot above the island. a bird is 9 feet in front of and -15 feet right of the turtle. it is 5 feet above the ground. it faces the tree. sun's azimuth is 0 degrees. sun's altitude is 20 degrees. a sienna light is right of and -1 feet above the tree. a very tiny woman is -.2 foot above the bird. she faces the tree. her hair is black. the bird is shiny. a 1 foot tall frog is left of the palm tree. a green light is above the frog. the frog faces the woman. 2 tiny gold lights are in front of the frog. camera light is black. ambient light is ink blue. a light is 20 feet in front of and 5 feet beneath and left of the crow.
##HD  #totwStory 
Effects: Saturation, Saturation, Brightness, Brightness
watcher570  (2019) 
boneybird  (2019) 
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