Nero Fiddled...

Input text: A [roman] building is behind a humongous glass wall. Ground is 50% shiny [dirt]. [Fire] backdrop. A man is 4 feet right of and 20 feet in front of the building. The robe of the man is cream. The trim of the man is white. A large violin is in front of and -4.5 feet above and -2 feet right of the man. It is leaning 55 degrees to the front. It is facing southwest. A red light is 10 feet right of and 6 feet in front of the man. An orange light is right of the building. Camera light is black. A yellow light is 25 feet left of the man. A large bow is -3 feet left of and in front of the violin. It is leaning 40 degrees to the right. A tiger is -4.2 feet right of and -10 feet behind the building. It is facing southeast.
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nheiges  (1/17/2019) 
boneybird  (1/17/2019) 

As the Quattro Stagione burned
KAWE  (1/18/2019) 
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Nanook  (1/20/2019) 
great lighting.
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