Outsider Art

Input text: The [image-12466] backdrop. The eye. The matisse worm is 4 inches in front and 4.3 inches to the right of the eye. It is 6 inches long. it is -3.4 inches above the eye. it is facing right. the tornado is 4 inches to the left and -2 inches above the worm. It is 4 inches tall. It is leaning 70 degrees to the left. it is facing back.
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KAWE  (1/19/2019) 
:-) great
watcher570  (1/19/2019) 
nice one!
coyne  (1/19/2019) 
nheiges  (1/19/2019) 
boneybird  (1/20/2019) 
Thank you and thanks to the unknown outsider artist. Backdrop Image taken from a friend’s Facebook post of an Outsider art event.
nheiges  (1/20/2019) 
Here's a little bit (4+ min) about the musical version of outsider art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTdILHges6o
Nanook  (1/20/2019) 
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