Input text: A 15% reflective white head is facing up. Head is facing right. Head is 1 inch in ground. 15% reflective 0.6 foot tall hand is -3.5 inch above head and -1 inch to back. Hand is leaning 110 degrees to right. camera light is dark red. a tiny gold light is 1 inch in front of head and 5 inch above ground. a tiny maroon light is 4 inch above hand and 1 inch to front. ground is 7 foot wide 40% reflective [tile]. the tiny flower is -1.4 inch in front of hand and -3.2 inch to left. flower is 7 inch above ground. flower is facing right. flower is leaning 20 degrees to left.
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watcher570  (2019) 
wonderful colours
hedgehog1965  (2019) 
Very calming
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