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Living in style

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The design backdrop. the man. a magenta glass slab is one foot in front of the man. it is 1 foot above the invisible ground. a cyan glass slab is 3 inches above it. the slabs are 30 feet wide and 1 foot tall. they are 1 inch deep. A very large yellow glass cube is -2 feet above the man. A maroon glass slab is 1 foot wide and 20 feet tall and 1 inch deep. it is 3 feet right of the man. A silver slab is 2 feet wide and 200 feet deep. it is 1 inch tall. it is 3 feet left of the man. the red light is 3 feet in front of the man. the cyan light is 3 feet right of the man. the man is on the checkerboard floor.
Sharpen, Sharpen, Solarize
watcher570 (2019) 
great effect!
nheiges (2019) 
love this!
coyne (2019) 
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