welcome to hell!!! welcome to hell!!!!

Input text: There is a very large shiny [image-11849] dragon. The dragon leans 20 degrees to the back. the dragon is 20 feet above the ground. there is no ground. A 200 foot tall clear red skull is 1 inch in front of the dragon. the skull is facing the dragon. the sky is reflective. the camera light is cyan. the sun is red. a very large pink light is above the dragon. a very large orange light is below the dragon. a 70 foot tall silver rope is 100 feet in the skull.
Tags:  ##getty 
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Effects: Contrast, Saturation, Solarize, Normalize
boneybird  (1/27/2019) 
nice that you popped in for a visit!
Nanook  (1/27/2019) 
ditto that :-), nice fiery scene
nheiges  (1/27/2019) 
great colors!
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