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welcome to nowhere

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ground is 5% reflective 10 foot wide [texture]. 30% reflective 5 foot tall and 3 foot wide [texture] wall. 5 foot wide shiny oasis is 1 foot in front of wall and -3.9 foot to right. oasis is 1 inch in ground. oasis is 2 foot wide [water]. 6.2 foot wide torus is 16.2 inch in oasis. torus is facing up. torus is 30% reflective [texture]. 4.5 foot tall palm is -1 inch in front of wall. palm's trunk is white. palm's leaf is lime. first 10 foot tall 5% reflective [texture] pyramid is 10 feet behind wall and 1 foot to left. pyramid is 2 inch in ground. second 10 foot tall 5% reflective [texture] pyramid is 9.9 feet behind wall and -0.5 foot to right. pyramid is 2 inch in ground. 4 foot tall white woman is 3.05 feet in oasis and -1.5 feet to front. dark cyan light is 3 feet above woman. lavender light is 10 foot in front of woman's head. delft blue light is 3 foot in front of first pyramid and 4 foot to right. cyan light is 1 foot behind woman's head. camera light is dark lemon.
nheiges (2019) 
lovely image
boneybird (2019) 
Somebody has to go there
watcher570 (2019) 
very nice
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