What is it?
A visual riddle I learned as a kid.

Input text: a 20 foot tall flat upside down black pyramid. a 10 foot tall and 50 foot wide flat blue wall is in front of and -23 feet right of the pyramid. a 5 foot tall flat black pyramid is -.1 foot above and -10 foot right of the wall. camera light is black. sun is white. ambient light is linen. sky is baby blue.
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boneybird  (1/31/2019) 
A sailboat meeting an ocean liner?
hedgehog1965  (2/1/2019) 
...or a shark?
watcher570  (2/1/2019) 
Capital A hiding behind a blue wall?
nheiges  (2/1/2019) 
Good answers, but the official one is this: It's a ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch. :-)
boneybird  (2/2/2019) 
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