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Vignette Rendering Bug
WordsEye's incorrect parsing of "compound words" causes some strange rendering errors.

Input text: 
A jumping_kangaroo is on the ground. A jumping_kangaroo is south of him.
Scene credits: ,
jumping kangaroo (Vignette)
jumping kangaroo (Vignette)
coyne (2019) 
I think the problem is due to the fact that it doesn't know that "jumping_kangaroo" is an animal (even tbough it's built from a regular kangaroo). Because of this, it has to introduce anotber object to match with "him". Hence the clown.

btw, in the future, vignettes will allow attributes to be assigned to the new compound object (e.g., that your jumping_kangaroo is a type of kangaroo, which would address the problem you ran into). Other attributes would be the real-world size of the vignette object.
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