bath time

Input text: A gold bathtub. Bathtub's handhold is gold. Bathtub is facing left. 4.35 foot long water rectangle is 3 inch in bathtub. Rectangle is 1.7 feet deep. Big clear hot pink head is 1.5 inch in rectangle and -1.5 foot to front. Ground is shiny petrol blue. Sky is 2200 foot wide [texture]. 0.5 foot long silver brain is 7 inch in head. Brain is facing left. White bird is 0.8 foot above brain. Bird is facing southwest. Bird's beak is tangerine orange. Freesia is -9 inch in front of bird's beak and 3.32 feet above ground. Freesia is -1.0 foot to left. Freesia is facing up. Tiny transparent cube is 4 foot in front of freesia and 1 foot to left. Freesia is facing cube. 6.2 foot tall gold vanity is 6.4 foot behind bathtub and -0.1 foot to left. Vanity's mirror is shiny [dark]. Vanity's light source is silver. 5 foot tall gold toilet is 6 foot behind bathtub and -0.4 foot to right. 5.4 foot tall cream angel is 3.82 foot in toilet's bowl and -3.13 foot to right. Camera light is petrol blue. A pink light is 3 foot in front of head and 10 foot above ground
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nheiges  (2/2/2019) 
opalduck  (2/2/2019) 
Love the brain effect!
coyne  (2/2/2019) 
KAWE  (2/3/2019) 
watcher570  (2/3/2019) 
very cool
boneybird  (2/3/2019) 
Fab tableau
hedgehog1965  (2/3/2019) 
Great colours
Nanook  (2/4/2019) 
all of the above and then some!!
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