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Input text: ground is 25% reflective pistachio green. a clear violet woman. 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep floor is -3.1 foot in front of woman and -0.8 inch above ground. floor is -2.2 foot to left. floor is 8 foot wide 25% reflective [grid1]. 0.4 foot tall clear lime pyramid is 0.2 foot above woman. pyramid is upside down. 50 foot long and 14 foot tall 25% reflective emerald green mountain is 75 feet behind woman. 80 foot wide shiny water lake is -14 feet above mountain. 1.3 foot tall clear red bird is -0.6 foot right of woman and 5 foot above ground. 100 foot long shiny water river is -15 foot in front of lake and -50 foot to right. river is facing left. river is 0.1 inch in ground. camel japanese bridge is -0.1 feet right of woman and 14 feet to back. it is afternoon. 8 foot tall cream castle is -4 foot above mountain and -48 foot to front. small chest is 7 feet behind woman and -1 foot to right. chest's panel is golden brown. chest's gold is gold. 9 foot tall ebony tree is 20 foot behind woman and -5.5 foot to right. ebony tree's leaf is green. mountain range. 10 foot tall and 2 foot wide pine tree is 28 foot behind woman and 19 foot to left. pine tree's needle is green. sun is lemon chiffon.
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nheiges  (2/3/2019) 
opalduck  (2/3/2019) 
i'd love it if I could make my sims crystal clear entities tbh.
tane69  (2/3/2019) 
@opalduck there's probably a mod for that...
KAWE  (2/9/2019) 
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