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videogame paradise

Input text: 
ground is 25% reflective pistachio green. a clear violet woman. 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep floor is -3.1 foot in front of woman and -0.8 inch above ground. floor is -2.2 foot to left. floor is 8 foot wide 25% reflective [grid1]. 0.4 foot tall clear lime pyramid is 0.2 foot above woman. pyramid is upside down. 50 foot long and 14 foot tall 25% reflective emerald green mountain is 75 feet behind woman. 80 foot wide shiny water lake is -14 feet above mountain. 1.3 foot tall clear red bird is -0.6 foot right of woman and 5 foot above ground. 100 foot long shiny water river is -15 foot in front of lake and -50 foot to right. river is facing left. river is 0.1 inch in ground. camel japanese bridge is -0.1 feet right of woman and 14 feet to back. it is afternoon. 8 foot tall cream castle is -4 foot above mountain and -48 foot to front. small chest is 7 feet behind woman and -1 foot to right. chest's panel is golden brown. chest's gold is gold. 9 foot tall ebony tree is 20 foot behind woman and -5.5 foot to right. ebony tree's leaf is green. mountain range. 10 foot tall and 2 foot wide pine tree is 28 foot behind woman and 19 foot to left. pine tree's needle is green. sun is lemon chiffon.
nheiges (2019) 
opalduck  (2019) 
i'd love it if I could make my sims crystal clear entities tbh.
tane69 (2019) 
@opalduck there's probably a mod for that...
KAWE (2019) 
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